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Eden’s Crush, “Get Over Yourself” (Top 40 debut: 3/31/01, chart peak: #8)

Did you know that if Eden’s Crush label London-Sire had gone under just a little earlier, Nicole Scherzinger would have been in the Black Eyed Peas instead of Fergie? Marvel should do a What If? issue about it.

(Would be on The Crunking & The Crying: Early ’00s Gold!)

We up to the aughts on my Top 40 blog, in case you’re in the mood for a little premature nostalgia!

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Saw Edge of Tomorrow.

Haven’t seen Edge but if I do, I’m coming at it from a “well, I’ve enjoyed some Doug Liman movies a lot” place rather than a “OMG PLEASE BE KNIGHT & GROUNDHOG DAY" one.

With so many people passing around that ridiculous (in a bad way), po-faced article about how the internet killed our greatest star by claiming he jumped on a couch when he just stood on it (forget the Matt Lauer interview or the fact that he’s alive and appearing on 3,000+ screens this weekend in America alone), I feel like Sam is one of the rare folk who sees Cruise similar to the way I see him.

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Pitchin’ in

Getting prepped for a long day of nothin much.

It’s a Trenta day.

Hand for scale.

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Anthony and his doppelgänger.

I should find a way to score free drinks out of this.

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My Bloody Valentine, 1991

I wonder how different music history would be if they were named The Floppy Bangs with their ‘91 album Stompin’ That Box With The Floppy Bangs.

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Reblogging in honor of my wife’s birthday, as its basically how she reacts to my tantrums.

She’s the best and I’m a lucky dude.

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