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I don’t know this Thorn fellow but I’m always amazed when people take stuff they don’t even like and claim it as the exclusive property of their white brethren. Especially when they throw in the irony of being a big rap fan on their Twitter bio.

The implication is that he shouldn’t have to acknowledge Latinos at the Mozz concert, and that black people who want to enjoy an ’80s teen dramedy need to settle for, like, Krush Groove - but this cool colonialist gets to enjoy Krush Groove too. Like, find a way to express your self-satisfaction without shitting on an Asian person who likes Licensed To Ill, dude! I have!

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"Original Movies Aimed At Adults" That Made The Year’s Box Office Top 10…And Came Out In The First Half

Mark Harris noted on twitter that so far there are ZERO movies that are not “remakes, sequels, or adaptations of material for children” in the 2014 US box office top 10. And that before 2000, half a Top 10 would be “originals aimed at adults.” While I won’t remotely deny that blockbusters are totally youth and franchise oriented, I would just like to add two things:

- It’s July.

- These are the “originals aimed at adults” in the US Box Office Top Ten from 1980 to today that came out in the first half of the year.

(I’m being harsh and getting rid of any PG-13 or PG movie where the lead is underage - g’bye Back To The Future, Blue Lagoon, ET, WarGames, Karate Kid. I’ll keep adaptations of novels even though they’re NOT truly “originals”).

1980: Airplane!, Coal Miner’s Daughter

1981: Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Stripes, The Cannonball Run, The Four Seasons

1982: Porky’s, Poltergeist

1983: Flashdance, Trading Places

1984: Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Police Academy, Romancing The Stone, Splash (big first-half-of-year for grown ups!)

1985: Cocoon, Witness

1986: Top Gun, Back To School, Ruthless People

1987: The Secret Of My Success, Lethal Weapon, The Witches Of Eastwick

1988: Coming To America, Big, Beetlejuice

1989: Dead Poets Society

1990: Pretty Woman, The Hunt For Red October, Total Recall

1991: The Silence Of The Lambs, City Slickers, Sleeping With The Enemy

1992: Sister Act, Basic Instinct

1993: Jurassic Park (More scientists than kids, I’ll allow it), Sleepless In Seattle, Indecent Proposal, In The Line Of Fire, Cliffhanger

1994: Speed

1995: Apollo 13

1996: Twister, The Rock, The Birdcage

1997: Liar Liar, My Best Friend’s Wedding

1998: Deep Impact

1999: The Matrix, Big Daddy

2000: Gladiator, The Perfect Storm

2001: Pearl Harbor

2002: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2003: Bruce Almighty

2004: The Passion Of The Christ, The Day After Tomorrow

2005: Mr & Mrs. Smith

2006: The DaVinci Code

2007: 300 (yeah, it’s a graphic novel, but rated R)

2008: …none!

2009: The Hangover

2010: …none!

2011: …none!

2012: Ted

2013: …none!

2014:…already guaranteed none!

So yeah, you can still see a decline, and there’s no reason to assume this Oscar season is gonna push Superhero Squad 8 off anyway. But I still think this gives the descent of cinema over the last 30 or so years a little context.


Pavement “Shady Lane” video featured on 120 Minutes, 1995

Directed by Spike Jonze.

I was the kind of dweeb who heard pavement was making a video with spike jonze and thought “YES! This will be the thing that finally takes Pavement to Weezerdom!!!”

Like Mike Ness, I was wrong.

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Plain White T’s, “Hey There Delilah” (Top 40 debut: 5/26/07, chart peak: #1)

This happened to break while I was in a long-distance relationship with my now wife, who happened to be in NYC and happens to have the same name as the song’s titular subject (minus one syllable). So yeah, I happen to love it.

(on It Started In The ’00s! - Top 10 Chart Debuts)

America was right there with me in 2007 I tell ya.
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Thinking about pitching a reboot with Edward Furlong.

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Dear “Weird Al,”

You’ve said that this might be your last album qua album, and I truly appreciate your perceptivity about this industry and your desire to be on the forefront. A video for every song? You did that before Beyonce. This video-a-day roll-out? Genius. You own the internet right now. You’ve made it part of your legacy. It’s inspiring.

But I’m not here as a business advisor. You don’t need that. I’m here because I dream of producing albums. I dream of pushing artists to both reclaim their essence and push their sound forward. I dream of doing this from a nice couch. I dream of having engineers who push the buttons so I don’t have to. I dream of being Rick Rubin.

I dream of being your Rick Rubin.

Like many people my age, I’ve been a fan of yours since the very beginning. Or rather, since the very beginning of when I could be a Weird Al fan. As a child, I actually believed that it was I who came up with “have a banana, have a whole bunch, it doesn’t matter what you had for lunch.” Your words felt so true I felt they came from within. Probably not unlike how you made “Trigger Happy” without realizing it was basically “Skeet Surfin’” from your favorite movie, Top Secret! I don’t make the allusion to put you off guard, but to reaffirm that a) your music has informed me since before I could fathom being informed and b) we should have no secrets.

You and your Rick Rubin should have no secrets.

As I’ve said, you don’t need anyone to tell you how to crush it in the marketplace. Top 40 singles in three straight decades. Four if you want it.

However, mere endurance is what people expect from you. I want you to give them something they don’t even know they want from you…but I know I want from you.

The way I see it, you’ve been doing two things for the last twenty years: genre exercises and song parodies with arrangements identical to the originals. Both have worked for you, and continue to work for you.

But what if we went back? Back to “Another One Rides The Bus”? Back to you, the accordion, and Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz banging on a case? Back to that first tape sent to Dr. Demento?

Remember the sound effects? The squelches? Why did we lose that palette? That sense of invention? You’re up there with Spike Jonze when it comes to videos, but I want to see you competing with Spike Jones again as well.

Speaking of exploring sound, you’ve had the same band of accomplished musicians since the very beginning of your career. You’ve had the same keyboardist for 20 years, and he’s the new guy. Despite their side-projects, soundtrack work, jazz sessions, Steve, Jim, Bermuda and Ruben have always found time for you. I can’t tell you how much I admire the bond you must have.

And I want to hear it.

Instead of everyone memorizing every detail of this Ariana Grande song, what if you stepped into the booth with the accordion, and just performed “Gollum” alone?

Then we’ll listen to it. Does it need more? Then bring in Jon and his case for a second take.

Again, we’ll listen. Does it need more? Maybe Steve can come up with a part. No, he can’t check the original. What would he lay down? That’s what I want to hear.

Or maybe, if you know what the song needs, you can just make the sound with your mouth. Or this squeaky toy. We can get more.

And this original? The one about Mark Wahlberg? What if we told each guy it was a style parody of a different group and just let them rip?

You may be the best at it, but anyone can put new words to a hit song. Anyone can imitate a popular artist’s sound. Not everyone has a band of this quality with 30 years of shared musical history at their disposal, and it’s something I want you to finally exploit.

I’m going to put a picture of Frank Zappa up on one side of the booth. On the other, Dr. Demento. If you make me your Rick Rubin, we’re either going forward…or all the way back. Maybe we can do both at the same time.

I’d be happy to use your standard crew and studio of choice (I guarantee I will be way cheaper than the actual Rick Rubin). I don’t want to impose anything on you, just bring out what’s already inside. If anything I’m suggesting sounds “weird” to you, well, that sounds like something you should give a try.

I hope this makes your google alert.


Musical act featured on this last season of “Catfish” or twitterbot?

  • Milky Chance
  • Shanee Pink
  • Johnnyswim
  • General Ghost
  • Wake Owl
  • Gin Wigmore
  • Frances Cone
  • Inspired And The Sleep
  • Ha Ha Tonka
  • Gigamesh
  • Mr. Little Jeans
  • Diane Coffee
  • Moon Taxi
  • Labyrinth Ear

Answer: all are musical acts featured on this last season of Catfish.


They’re all gone now.  

Tommy Ramone passed on earlier today.

The above clip is from forty years ago.

Adios amigos, indeed.

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After all my foodblogging last time Leila left me here alone, I thought I’d offer the terrific 4th anniversary dinner of Fettuccine Alfredo she made last night as contrast (we’ll hit the town in style this weekend). Spotify was still there - we’re making a playlist of her fave Top 40s from high school - but doesn’t get seat at the table. Neither does Admiral Akbar.

Me when I think about all the awesome home cooked meals I’ve had since living with Leila.

She’s the beessssst.

A scene from Eli Wallach’s first movie, Baby Doll, that will forever be scarred in my brain. RIP.