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i bet this this ahead of the curve blogger went on to great things

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Larry: Five star…whut the?

Bono: OMG…look away…just keep walking…

The Edge: Just keep walking…thanks, you overzealous fuckers

Adam: Doo doo ba doo….that dog has a puffy tail.


Today on facebook, I attempt to explain the economics of streaming vs purchasing music to a band I just heard of for the first time five minutes ago.

In an attempt to make this whole thing less pointless, it is now a tumblr post. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

While I’m on record as saying it’s a bad deal for musicians to have whole albums available for streaming (why do you think Beyonce and Coldplay only put singles from their last albums on Spotify), any band who wants to bitch about streaming should bitch to their LABEL. You know, the people who offered the deal, rather than the folks who bothered to check out your shit despite the umptillion other tracks available.

It’s the label - whether due to ignorance, indifference or equity in the streaming service - that makes it a romantic, charitable gesture for someone to pay to download an album available for streaming.

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Ha ha! Our job is to solve horrific crimes! Yeah, we have fun.

I pass this billboard on my commute home every day, and I still can’t believe it’s not for an AARP-oriented rom-com where businessman Scott Bakula moves to Nawlins to run his late, estranged father’s hotel-restaurant. Featuring CCH Pounder as the sassy veteran chef, Lucas Black as the goofy but handsome super and Not Mariska Hargitay as the feisty health inspector/love interest.

But no, it’s for a series about solving crimes. A series about solving Navy crimes. The third series currently on air about solving Navy crimes. That I know of.

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I first saw this Abbot & Costello sketch when I was in middle school. It blew my mind. It was my first lesson in bullshitting and justification.

For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about it.

Damn I love it. So Good.

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For some reason, I have not seen the thriller Mike Nichols and Buck Henry made about talking dolphins. Now that I know it had the best tagline of all time, maybe I’ll remember to.

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other songs that could authentically appear in the opening credits of GUARDIAN OF THE ALBINSKYS’ LAWN, in order of director’s descending preference

Ignoring ones that don’t really capture the era, even though they’d establish how very cool my cassette collection was at the time (i.e. “The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness,” “H.S. Art,” “Hot Love”, etc).

  • "Super-Fire"
  • "Devil’s Haircut"
  • "License To Confuse"
  • "Whatever Happened To Pong?"
  • "Sister Havana"
  • "Becuz"
  • "We Dance"
  • "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils"
  • "I Must Be High"
  • "How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us"
  • "Song X"

Omg someone made a GIF set of me preparing to rake my neighbor’s lawn in the fall of 1996. I can practically hear “Crime Scene, Part One“‘s slow build.

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