I first saw this Abbot & Costello sketch when I was in middle school. It blew my mind. It was my first lesson in bullshitting and justification.

For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about it.

Damn I love it. So Good.

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For some reason, I have not seen the thriller Mike Nichols and Buck Henry made about talking dolphins. Now that I know it had the best tagline of all time, maybe I’ll remember to.

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other songs that could authentically appear in the opening credits of GUARDIAN OF THE ALBINSKYS’ LAWN, in order of director’s descending preference

Ignoring ones that don’t really capture the era, even though they’d establish how very cool my cassette collection was at the time (i.e. “The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness,” “H.S. Art,” “Hot Love”, etc).

  • "Super-Fire"
  • "Devil’s Haircut"
  • "License To Confuse"
  • "Whatever Happened To Pong?"
  • "Sister Havana"
  • "Becuz"
  • "We Dance"
  • "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils"
  • "I Must Be High"
  • "How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us"
  • "Song X"

Omg someone made a GIF set of me preparing to rake my neighbor’s lawn in the fall of 1996. I can practically hear “Crime Scene, Part One“‘s slow build.

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{shakes fist}

I don’t know this Thorn fellow but I’m always amazed when people take stuff they don’t even like and claim it as the exclusive property of their white brethren. Especially when they throw in the irony of being a big rap fan on their Twitter bio.

The implication is that he shouldn’t have to acknowledge Latinos at the Mozz concert, and that black people who want to enjoy an ’80s teen dramedy need to settle for, like, Krush Groove - but this cool colonialist gets to enjoy Krush Groove too. Like, find a way to express your self-satisfaction without shitting on an Asian person who likes Licensed To Ill, dude! I have!

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"Original Movies Aimed At Adults" That Made The Year’s Box Office Top 10…And Came Out In The First Half

Mark Harris noted on twitter that so far there are ZERO movies that are not “remakes, sequels, or adaptations of material for children” in the 2014 US box office top 10. And that before 2000, half a Top 10 would be “originals aimed at adults.” While I won’t remotely deny that blockbusters are totally youth and franchise oriented, I would just like to add two things:

- It’s July.

- These are the “originals aimed at adults” in the US Box Office Top Ten from 1980 to today that came out in the first half of the year.

(I’m being harsh and getting rid of any PG-13 or PG movie where the lead is underage - g’bye Back To The Future, Blue Lagoon, ET, WarGames, Karate Kid. I’ll keep adaptations of novels even though they’re NOT truly “originals”).

1980: Airplane!, Coal Miner’s Daughter

1981: Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Stripes, The Cannonball Run, The Four Seasons

1982: Porky’s, Poltergeist

1983: Flashdance, Trading Places

1984: Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Police Academy, Romancing The Stone, Splash (big first-half-of-year for grown ups!)

1985: Cocoon, Witness

1986: Top Gun, Back To School, Ruthless People

1987: The Secret Of My Success, Lethal Weapon, The Witches Of Eastwick

1988: Coming To America, Big, Beetlejuice

1989: Dead Poets Society

1990: Pretty Woman, The Hunt For Red October, Total Recall

1991: The Silence Of The Lambs, City Slickers, Sleeping With The Enemy

1992: Sister Act, Basic Instinct

1993: Jurassic Park (More scientists than kids, I’ll allow it), Sleepless In Seattle, Indecent Proposal, In The Line Of Fire, Cliffhanger

1994: Speed

1995: Apollo 13

1996: Twister, The Rock, The Birdcage

1997: Liar Liar, My Best Friend’s Wedding

1998: Deep Impact

1999: The Matrix, Big Daddy

2000: Gladiator, The Perfect Storm

2001: Pearl Harbor

2002: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2003: Bruce Almighty

2004: The Passion Of The Christ, The Day After Tomorrow

2005: Mr & Mrs. Smith

2006: The DaVinci Code

2007: 300 (yeah, it’s a graphic novel, but rated R)

2008: …none!

2009: The Hangover

2010: …none!

2011: …none!

2012: Ted

2013: …none!

2014:…already guaranteed none!

So yeah, you can still see a decline, and there’s no reason to assume this Oscar season is gonna push Superhero Squad 8 off anyway. But I still think this gives the descent of cinema over the last 30 or so years a little context.


Pavement “Shady Lane” video featured on 120 Minutes, 1995

Directed by Spike Jonze.

I was the kind of dweeb who heard pavement was making a video with spike jonze and thought “YES! This will be the thing that finally takes Pavement to Weezerdom!!!”

Like Mike Ness, I was wrong.

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Plain White T’s, “Hey There Delilah” (Top 40 debut: 5/26/07, chart peak: #1)

This happened to break while I was in a long-distance relationship with my now wife, who happened to be in NYC and happens to have the same name as the song’s titular subject (minus one syllable). So yeah, I happen to love it.

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America was right there with me in 2007 I tell ya.
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